About Trattoria

Award Winning Italian

 In 2018, Nino was awarded The "Lifetime Achievement Award" from the Thames Valley Hospitality Awards for his services to the hospitality industry. With over 50 years in the industry and 40 years of owning his own restauants, it was incredible to recieve this recognition. 

We were also given a "Warm Welcome Award" too at the ceremony which was a lovely extra surprise for us!

Tripadvisor have given us their "Certificate Of Excellence" four years in a row now which we are also extremely proud of. We've been the top restaurant in Pangbourne on their site 

Other than these few - perhaps it's fairer to say award worthy, (althought it really doesn't have the same ring to it...) We are very lucky to have fantastic customers that have been supporting us for decades, and 2018 actually marked our 40 year anniversay of NINO'S.

Come and see us for yourself and see what you think!

Nino's in Pangbourne

Nino's is one of the most well known and best loved names in the Reading area. After a short spell of retirement, Nino decided he missed the restaurant life too much and has opened this new Italian Trattoria with his family in Pangbourne, just to the west of Reading.

"We're a family run business with a real Italian chef and continue to offer the great service and food that we hope you remember from our previous restaurants. Whether you're a new customer or an old friend, you'll receive a warm welcome and a friendly dining experience in our cosy new location in the heart of Pangbourne. We look forward to seeing you soon!" - Nino Bartolomei

Sadly Nino passed away in March 2018. He adored the restaurant and we are all so grateful for your continued support over the years, and for giving him the opportunity to do what he did best. Dad left a legacy in Reading, he will be so sorely missed by all, but never forgotten.

"I am continuing with the restaurant now, and I hope to carry on as Dad taught me & uphold his fantatsic reputation that he built up over a lifetime. I recently refurbished the restaurant and made all the changes that dad and I had discussed. I've put in a new menu with a new style and some gorgeous new dishes. All in all 2018 was a year that brought many changes at Nino's, but I am excited for the future and want to thank our customers for all the support you've given me!" - Nino Junior

Nino's History

Nino first came to England in 1966 to watch Italy in the World Cup (but for those who can remember that year, you'll understand why he doesn't want us to talk about that...).

Arriving in England as a young man during the days of the hippies, the Beatles, and the mini-skirt; there's no wonder he left behind his law degree and decided to stay. However with no English and no money, life - searching for a job in London - was not easy. After spending weeks forced to live on a bench in Paddington Station, and under a tree in Hyde park, Nino thought he had hit the jackpot when he landed himself a job as a washer upper in the Cambridge Hotel, Camberly at the wage of £1 per week plus food and accommodation.

But with dreams far bigger than his pockets were deep, this was the ideal job to launch his restaurant career. Spending many years working his way up the ranks within the kitchen, The Cambridge Hotel then gave him a spot front of house, and later, as the restaurant manager.

Nino then worked in various different places before opening up his first restaurant in Winchester in 1978. Now, after nearly 50 years of working in the industry, and 10 restaurants later, he has even more enthusiasm for his and his families latest restaurant in Pangbourne.